Alliance is agreed for encouraging development of export sector in the DR

Steps to convert DR into a Logistic Hub of the Caribbean are considered slow
November 24, 2017

Alliance is agreed for encouraging development of export sector in the DR

SANTO DOMINGO. The National Competitiveness Council (CNC) and the Dominican Association of Exporters (ADOEXPO) signed an agreement whereby they committed to pooling efforts to promote the associativity and develop the potential of the export sector in the country.

The agreement also committed to promoting trade facilitation, innovation, competitive intelligence, training and logistics, as well as clusters linked to the sector, in order to continue strengthening them in the face of the challenges of the globalized world today.

“Logistic fluidity and freight transport, as well as associativity, are essential factors for the national productive sectors, both goods and services, so that they can compete in the new global and regional environment”, says one of the recitals .

The agreement was signed by Andrés van der Horst Álvarez, director of the CNC, and Álvaro Sousa Sevilla, president of Adoexpo, who valued it as very positive, especially in the current moments in which the commercial facilitation plays a very important role for national and international trade.

According to a press release from the CNC, Van der Horst Álvarez said that the Dominican Republic should continue joining forces to become a hub of the Americas, given that the country enjoys a privileged geographic position in relation to the other nations that make up the continent. .

As part of the agreement, the parties will develop a diploma in business associativity, make a survey on the needs of the export sector in innovation, provide market intelligence and promote the Customs Law.

They will also promote the protection of the cold chain, especially in agricultural products destined to both local and global markets, and will encourage the study and training of logistics and commercial facilitation measures of the Federal Information Security Modernization Act (FISMA) .

One of the main points of the agreement is the creation of a cluster, which would serve to promote the associativity between the various links of the value chain and the support institutions of that sector.

The CNC is an official institution in which the public and private sectors participate, and aims to formulate, implement and develop competitive strategies of the productive sectors, while Adoexpo is a non-profit association dedicated to promote, defend and promote exports. of goods and services.

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